Passionate Head of Revenue for a start-up company in growth

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Can you see yourself working with sales, advising and consulting Danish companies within Production and Utility in data and Machine Learning?

About the Position

Neurospace is currently looking for a Head of Revenue, who will be responsible for creating relationships with current and new customers. As Head of Revenue, you will have full responsibility for creating these relationships and also advise and consult the customer to the best solutions. You will work in close dialogue with our Machine Learning Engineers to ensure the right advise is given to the customer. You will also have ample opportunity to develop your professional competencies in this area at the same time as you are part of a start-up environment in growth.

Work Assignments

  • Responsible for marketing and sales initiatives such as advertising, e-books and booking for webinars / talks
  • Responsible for sales and creating new customer relationships
  • Advise the customer to the best solution in the early stages
  • Being the link between customer and Machine Learning / Data team

You will be responsible for all parts that affect revenue such as marketing and sales.
As you will be the first person from Neurospace the customer will meet, it is important that you have the skills required to advise the customer on their data and Machine Learning journey. This requires for you to understand the terms and see opportunities and solutions in the challenges that the customer might face.

We offer

  • Flexible working hours for a good work/life balance
  • 4-day working week
  • Remote work
  • To be part of the growth phase of a start-up company
  • Rich opportunity for upgrading your skills within data and Machine Learning
  • Ability to influence the culture of Neurospace
  • A team which care for each other, and often meet outside of work for different events

Do you want to take a walk or run in the middle of your working day to clear your head? We encourage it!
Neurospace has decided to work remotely to improve work/like balance and increase efficiency. That makes it possible for you to fit in doctors appointments, drop off kids in kindergarten, or take a run in the middle of the working day, if needed. However, being an astronaut (as we call ourselves) in Neurospace you will have plenty of opportunities to meet with your team while working on customer projects, going on trade fairs, playing badminton, or having internal offline events for knowledge sharing or playing board games.
Even though you will have flexible working hours, they will still be affected by customer meetings, that require you to be at a certain location at a certain time. We strive to be flexible when it comes to our customers and do wish to have important meetings with them offline.

Your competences

As Head of Revenue at Neurospace, we expect you:

  • Are educated in or have worked in the Manufacturing or Utility industry and understand their language
  • Are willing to learn the technique for being able to give prober advise to the customer
  • You will be meeting with customers and helping them solve hard problems, therefore its important to be structured, follow-up on deadlines, and be helpful wherever you can
  • Are flexible for customer meetings in all of Denmark
  • Have a car you are willing to use for work (travel allowance is provided according to the state rate)
  • Can speak and write fluent Danish and English

Other perks (not required for applying)

  • Have a general understanding of Data and Machine Learning
  • Have experience with sales to this market

About neurospace

neurospace is an engineering company helping the utility and manufacturing sector utilizing data for decision-making and automation, with machine learning and statistics.

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