Use Machine Learning to optimize your supply

Machine learning and the use of data is the next frontier within supply 4.0 and can lead to improvements in stability and cost reduction. We help district heating, water, and waste water commonly known as utility companies optimize their productions and gain key insights. We do this by using machine learning and the data which you are already collecting. Below you can read more about what we can do for your company!

District Heating

Reduce costs on heat production

With better insights in heating supply, demand, and cooling you can make better decision and lower the temperature thus reducing costs.

Use consumer data to optimize

You likely collect consumer data which can be used to optimize heat production, do predictive maintenance, find leakage, and spot unwanted behaviour.


Improve water supply effectiveness

By monitoring and forecasting water supply and demand you can decide the most effective way to deliver water. Helping you to a more efficient water distribution.

Smart extraction from water wells

Forecast the demand for water from your wells and extract smarter. This can ensure you don't get unwanted polluted water into the water supply.

Waste Water

Water treatment improvement with ML

By using ML with data from your biological processes you can optimize water treatment and reduce costs on water purification.

Optimize energy production

Maybe you use waste to generate energy? Energy production is a complex process that can be optimized by using machine learning.

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Never have an unexpected breakdown again

Predictive Maintenance can help you predict the remaining useful life of your critical components. No matter if it is a water pump or heat exchanger it is possible to predict when things will go wrong and proactively fix them. With data from your components such as operating data, vibration data and others it is possible with machine learning to calculate the remaining useful life of a component or asset. This is possible no matter if the asset or component is placed in-house or at the customer. This can be used to do intelligent sourcing where spare-parts can be requested from your supplier so you have them available at the time of maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance can help your company identify early signs of future failure, thus creating a larger P-F interval for you to take action.

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Produce the right amount of heat at the right time

It can be hard to predict the right amount of heat to produce at the right time. Machine learning can help you accomplish this. This can make your heating production cheaper, more energy efficient and still satisfy customer demand. It can be difficult to predict the right temperature in your hydraulic network to meet customer demand and not oversupply heat. You have tens of parameters to monitor at the same time combined with knowing how these parameters affect the hydraulic system is difficult and often quite complex. With machine learning, it is possible to find complex patterns across all relevant parameters in the hydraulic system. These patterns can help predict the heat demand, and also act as an alarm system finding early signs unwanted situations.

A machine learning model can help predict your heat demand on everything from the complete distribution network to individual exchangers. This will help you deliver the right amount of heat at the right time to your customers while saving money on energy production and still deliver on your supply obligation.

Start your Machine Learning Journey and optimize your business!

Do not worry we will do it together with you.

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    AI Camp

    Your Machine Learning journey starts by getting a feeling of Right Data over Big Data, Machine Learning and statistical concept. Throughout the AI Camp you will learn how to use these concepts to improve your business. Together we will select a potential pilot project and do a readiness assessment to ensure its feasibility in your company and on your data.
    Want to know more? Read more on our AI Camp page.

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    Pilot project

    A good way to learn as an organization is to try. A pilot project will give you the opportunity to see what machine learning can do in your company. Together we analyze data, investigate possible solutions, and create a tailored prototype for your company. We develop the solution in close collaboration with you, so we ensure that it fits your needs, people, and company. The end of a good pilot project is to test the model in production to see that it works. To read more about some of our pilot projects check out our customer cases.

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    Stable production

    Reliable Production

    A successful pilot project will naturally lead to an implementation and integration of the solution into your company. It is about take the prototype to production. You will now have a reliable, consistent, and efficient production where you can use data to make decisions. You are capable of operating the solution, and we leave you to do what you do best.

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“The AI Camp gave us insight into what Machine Learning is, and how it can create value. During the process we gained the knowlegde required to begin a machine learning project in our company.”

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