What it takes to deliver Machine Learning

Many address Machine Learning projects as black box solutions or product delivery.
However, Machine Learning projects delivered rightly is much more than that.
It gives you insight to whether you retrieve the right data, whether your hypotheses on patterns are true, and so much more.

What is needed to deliver machine learning

Different approaches towards predictive maintenance

In this blog post we will go through the different approaches to predictive maintenance. Right data is always the foundation and different types of machine learning algorithms can be used depending on the current situation and the problem/value we are aiming for.

Different breakdowns.

Data Leakage and how to avoid it

In this blog post we are talking about something that in machine learning is called data leakage. Please, do not misunderstand it as the leakage of data to the public!
Data leakage in machine learning is when using a feature for predicting the output, that at the time of prediction cannot be available. In many cases, the feature holds information about the value we are trying to predict.

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