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Together, let's build a safer digital future.

We create trustworthy machine learning solutions that streamline and enhance your daily operations. Through a transparency focused collaboration, we partner with you to work on the following areas:

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Data Engineering

  • Data strategy
  • Business Case Roadmapping
  • Cloud Engineering
  • IT/OT Security
  • Streaming, Event-driven & Messaging
  • Software Development
  • UI & UX

AI Engineering

  • LeanML & ML Data Architecture
  • Foundation Models
  • Computer Vision
  • Forecasting
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • MLOps
  • AI Act
  • Education

Neurospace is a Certified Partner of

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Our Google Cloud certified Data Engineers build infrastructures that securely process, store and analyse your data, enabling you to gain new insights and even more value from your data. Our datanauts use the right tools to fit your specific needs while keeping your data safe and accessible.

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Dagster ensures the your data platform has lineage, observability and relevant metadata. This allows our Datanauts to utilize the best software engineering principles to build a robust platform tailored to your specific needs.


Neurospace’s multidisciplinary team brings a diverse toolbox to any challenge. We utilize a wide range of approaches and cutting-edge tools to tackle complex problems and optimize your business.

Here is how we can help you:

AI Camp

Build knowledge around data, Machine Learning and AI, and launch a pilot project which attempts to solve a specific challenge within your company.

Read about the AI Camp

Data & AI Assessment

Get an assessment of your current platform, and get results in the form of concrete tools and techniques, as well as overall mindset and approach.

Read about Data & AI Assessment

Data Platform

We develop a data platform that suits your specific needs, with a big focus on data safety and cyber security. We are Cloud-agnostic and work with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Read more about Data Platform

...and so much more!

We are dedicated to creating a safer digital future through trust-worthy machine learning solutions

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We are excited to share our passion for data and AI, as we believe transparency and collaboration are the key to success.

From predicting optimal temperatures for, to automizing

Why Neurospace?

At Neurospace we believe that AI shouldn’t be a one-man mission to the moon. We’re all about collaborating with domain experts, where your expertise plays a vital role for our solution. Data security is paramount, and we stay up-to-date with all relevant AI and data privacy laws, while ethical considerations ensures responsible development.

Hands-on Collaboration with Domain Experts

10x as Secure with Your Data

EU AI Act & NIS-2 Directive

Ethics as our Core DNA

A flair for knowledge

At Neurospace, we love constantly learning, growing and following the ever-evoling technological domain. Therefore we have created the Data 4.0 network in colllaboration with Orbit Lab and Aarhus University, where industry and students meet to discuss the endless possibilities of new technologies within the Danish industry and utility companies. Twice a year, we explore topics such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Cyber Security and IoT.

We encourage you to reach out with any questions or ideas - after all, great things often happen through collaborative efforts!

Our Clients Say...


The AI Camp gave us insight into what Machine Learning is, and how it can create value. During the process we gained the knowledge required to begin a machine learning project in our company


Jens Rishøj Skov

Kredsløb A/S


We had high expectations for the AI camp, including learning about machine learning and a common understanding of an optimization task that affects several heat production plants in Copenhagen, in order to get cheap district heating for our customers. The AI camp proved that there is a clear opportunity for optimization and we are confident in the results of the analysis. Neurospace has been quite committed, and has been good at asking about correlations, in order to get an understanding of the problem. CTR is ready to continue working with the pilot project, as our goals with the AI Camp have been fully met.


Michal Brahm Thomsen



The AI Camp concept fits perfectly into our innovation agenda, where we need new technology and people to work together. In the process, we have become wiser about optimizations in production and gained an understanding of how machine learning can solve these in collaboration with our employees. The AI Camp process solves this perfectly. We are extremely satisfied and achieved all our goals with the AI Camp.


Martin Jørgensen

Danish Crown A/S


We are a mixed department of both IT experts and laypeople. Despite the varying levels of expertise on the subject, all participants have gained a better understanding of what AI and ML are, how to ensure collecting the right data, and where it makes sense to use these technologies. Additionally, both Maria and Bo from Neurospace are extremely professional and pleasant instructors.


Martin Lauritzen

Green Energy Scandinavia A/S


We have been introduced to the new world of machine learning by Neurospace. Their AI Camp provides a good basic understanding of machine learning and data. At Nordic Sugar Nakskov, we have gained an understanding of why it is important to examine correlations systematically instead of limiting the usage of sensors and measurements based on gut feelings.


Anders Juul-Jørgensen

Nordic Sugar A/S


If your company has a data-driven system, I highly recommend an AI camp with Neurospace. You will receive a lot of information and enthusiasm for machine learning, as well as the opportunity to use it in your own production process. Neurospace is very honest about both the many possibilities and the many challenges that can come with using machine learning. Expectations were high, but they were justified and more than expected. AI camp is a day full of dialogue, learning, and opportunities.


Halil Hasanov Halilov

Aalborg Portland A/S