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predictive maintenance


computer vision

Predictive Maintenance

Create value by predicting future breakdowns. This is actionable insight which humans or systems can react on to prevent consequential damages or create unsafe situations.


Historical data of supply and demand can improve your production line. We can create forecasting models with high accuracy which can help with planning in production, and ordering of raw materials.

Computer Vision

Can be used to make machines see. We use it for quality inspections and to discover defective products. It can reduce the amount of defective products that are delivered to customers.

use data to improve your OEE

Data is the most reliant source you can use for decision making, and automating processes. Data can help with improving your OEE.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Improve your equipment availability, equipment safety and reliability, while reducing mean-time-between-failure and mean-time-to-repair.

Reduce costs on maintenance

With predictive maintenance, machines are maintained when necessary, reducing the total cost of maintenance both in time and materials.

Reduce costs on discarded products

By having insight you can discard less batches due to equipment failure when having products with narrow control limits.

Improve customer satisfaction

With a more reliable equipment, you can get predictable delivery to customers, and be able to deliver the given order right-on-time!

Automate quality inspection

By using picture recognition, we can automatically inspect whether your products are produced in the right quality including the right color.

Make efficient production planning

Plan your production based on historical data from your company. This way you get input on the quantity of raw material to order and utilization of your production lines.

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Head on over to our blog to learn about how we do Predictive Maintenance and Computer Vision.

Our services

We offer different solutions that all aim at helping your company become better than the competition by utilizing data for insight, automation and decision-making.

Data Workshop

Get insight and concrete cases on how data and machine learning can give your company a competitive edge.

Data Journey

We have a unique strategic approach to help companies take their first steps towards being data-driven.


Analyse your data, find patterns, and leverage it in your decision-making to create a competetive edge.


Develop solutions and models that can predict future outcomes, reduce costs, and automate processes.

IoT & Sensors

Collect valuable data directly from your machines or run a model on IoT conponents.


Secure handling of data and maintenance of models. Ensure that your data stay yours.


Leverage the power of the cloud to kick start your machine learning journey.


Re-training of models which ensures high accuracy and performance.

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Our mission

Our burning passion is to help industrial companies become competitive by utilizing data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

be ambitious

Define your furture OEE state, and we will help you achive your goals through data collection, data validation, tailored models, automation, and insight knowledge.

start small

We start proving the value by solving the problem at your bottleneck. When the concept has been proven, we scale to other machines / processes.

create value fast

We have developed a method, of which we can generate value within a short period of time. Even if you do not yet have data available from your machines.

talks and events

We believe that sharing knowledge is key to improving. Doing talks and events is part of our DNA. We share our knowledge and gain feedback on our accomplishments.
We wish to spread knowledge about machine learning and its potential within manufacturing and similar industries. Therefore, we are actively speaking at conferences, events, and offer education inside your company to help kick-start your journey.

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