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We are experts in purpose build analytics which create actionable insight for our customers using state of the art technology.

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We focus on collaboration and design end-to-end solutions together with our customers to create a competitive advantage.

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We have an unique focus on helping our customers with their data strategy based on business cases and gaining knowledge.

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We offer a variety of solutions that all aim to help your company using data for automating processes and decision-making.

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Get insight on how Artificial Intelligence can improve your company.

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Start your journey towards being a data-driven company.


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Hosting & Maintenance

Secure hosting and maintenance of models including re-training.

AI & Data Workshop get ready to fully utilize and create insight from your data! In order to help your company we have developed an AI and Big Data Workshop. The workshop helps you uncover hidden potential where workflows can be automated, data can guide decision-making, and predictions can help forecast events. After the workshop, you will receive an assessment on data gathering, data validation, and the recommended areas where AI can help your company to gain a competitive advantage.

Data Journey is for you that are interested in AI, Big Data, being data-driven, and beating your competition but uncertain how to start? If your company is interested in Artificial Intelligence, but uncertain what data to gather and how to gather it we can help you on your data journey. A data journey is our offer to help companies gather information that can be used to improve the company and give them a competitive edge. For predictive maintenance we need data from your machinery while for computer vision, specific pictures are needed.

Development of solutions within data gathering and analytics. We help organisations define and gather important data that can create value for prediction, maintenance, forecasting, decision-making etc. Additionally, we help validating the quality of data. When an organisation has sufficient data to draw decisions from, we help automate processes and generate analytics for decision making by using statistics and machine learning.

Hosting & Maintenance of models. When implementing actionable insight, it is crucial that the model continually is retrained and up-to-date with the newest information from your company. In that way, you make decisions based on the best possible foundation, and not the best foundations from yesterday. At neurospace we offer secure maintenance of your data and the model, re-training it with the newest data and hosting it, as a service.

Our mission

We are trusted partners helping companies being data-driven and create a competitive advantage making our customers succeed.

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We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create the best and most secure solutions that not only works great, but are easy to work with.

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We are the travel partner you need on your journey towards being data-driven. We help you as long as it brings value to your company. If we solve your challenge in a coffee meeting it is free of charge!

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We work in short feedback loops which ensures low risk, high collaboration, and fast delivery. Some call it Agile but for us it is our way of working.


Industry leaders aim at lowing their internal costs and focus on automation. Furthermore, they continuously look for new business opportunities in an ever changing market. This is where neurospace can be the partner you need to achieve your goals. We believe that your data should be used in a way that it can proactively add value to your business today, and not only utilized in a dashboard as a hindsight for how things looked yesterday.

Optimization is key

Today's best practices must be challenged to be competitive tomorrow. Your data can help you challenge the best practice in a new way that is not yet identified. We offer solutions which help the manufacturing and finance sectors.
Predictive Maintenance
By analysing your data from IoT enabled machines, we can help predict machinery breakdown. Through the model we design, you will be alarmed before the event happens, and can therefore plan the service maintenance at a time you are not producing. This will increase your productivity by lowering unplanned downtime.
Read our predictive maintenance blog post for more insight.
Using data from the past, we can create a model that helps you predict the production demand. The model can help you plan your production so you will be able to deliver Just in Time, reduce inventory costs and increase your On-Time Delivery.
Capacity planning
By analysing your portfolio of customer projects, we can help determine whether a given product is profitable. All companies has some constraints that forces you to choose between one project over another. We can help in this process by creating probabilities for the projects success rate. In the end, this will help your company utilize its capacity and improve hit rates.
Lead time
By utilizing your data of productivity, On-Time Delivery, Tact Time, and manufacturing lead time, we can create a model that can help the operations department communicate with the sales department. We can help the sales department make clear and reliable agreements with your customers about when a given order can be delivered. This will increase On-Time Delivery, utilization of the production, and give more satisfied customers.
Computer vision
By help of photographs, we can estimate and determine the reimbursed sum that should be paid back to your customer. This can e.g. be the case for car insurance, water damage etc.
Credit card fraud
Looking at previous behavior in transactions, we can create a model that will provide a probability for a given card being misused.
Read our credit card fraud blog post for more insight.
Customer insight
We can semi-automate your process of determining whether a potential customer is lucrative or not. If our model creates an output saying the potential customer is okay, no further investigation is needed from you. However, if our model provides a negative outcome, you must investigate the root cause for the result yourself.


We are technology nerds and in that way we can help you differanciate from the competition.

Technology in the data space is ever-changing. We invest in keeping up with new trends within techniques, tools, platforms, languages, and frameworks so you do not have to! This gives us the ability to create solutions which is suited for your company, challenges, and workloads.

What to choose?

Master Data Management (MDM), Business Intelligence (BI), Data Lakes, MapReduce, Machine Learning (ML), Data Warehouses (DW), AI stacks, DataOps - we have worked with them all. It can be overwhelming to figure out what your business needs in order to succeed with Big Data and advanced analytics. This is why we have developed the Data Journey where we help you create a data strategy which is implementable in your business to create value fast.

Cloud or data center - it is up to you!

We build for both data centers and the cloud and we deliver systems and services both managed and unmanaged, see Hoting & Maintenance. We have experience within the three major cloud vendors so we can fit into your setup.

However, we will always guide our customers to figure out how they can move their workloads to the cloud as it gives many benefits such as higer scalability, flexibility, and lower cost.

Predicting Credit Card Fraud
Neural Network
model = keras.Sequential()
model.add(keras.layers.Dense(8, input_shape=(29,), 
activation="relu", use_bias=True))
model.add(keras.layers.Dense(6, activation="relu", 
model.add(keras.layers.Dense(1, activation="sigmoid"))

See more in our Predicting Credit Card Fraud blog post.

Predictive Maintenance
Support Vector Machine
model = LinearSVC(), train_y)
prediction_y = model.predict(test_x)
print("F1 score: %f" % metrics.f1_score(test_y, 
print("ROC AUC score: %f" % metrics.roc_auc_score(test_y, 
print(metrics.confusion_matrix(test_y, np.round(prediction_y)))

Want to know more? See Predictive Maintenance on our blog.

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