Artificial intelligence

is the most transformative technology of our lifetime. Major changes are expected to occur in the coming years.

At neurospace, we believe in challenging the status quo and focusing on the practical utilization of AI and machine learning to solve real problems. We believe that all organizations, large and small, can and should benefit from artificial intelligence - the possibilities are endless.

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Our way of working with AI and machine learning

Our way of working with AI and machine learning

We believe in solving real problems through honest collaborative learning. We have developed an iterative way of working which is focused on testing assumptions and solutions early in the process in order to maximize value. We work in short sprints, using readily available models and cloud APIs to test assumptions early while progressively increasing depth with each step.

Neurospace takes an end-to-end responsibility as we help you through early prototypes and all the way to production.

Machine learning systems for production

Machine learning systems for production

When we are certain that a model can solve the problem we improve the accuracy by using open source tools such as Tensorflow and Keras to create custom models that fits your business case and will benefit your users and customers.

Our field of expertise ranges from understanding the way businesses operate, statistics, and data analysis to applied machine learning, and hosting models in production.

What can AI do for you?

AI and machine learning can be applied in all industries to help organizations do advanced pattern recognition and support data driven decision-making. AI solves difficult problems in:

  • Automation

    Performing tasks on complex information.

  • Prediction

    Probabilistic forecasting of future events.

  • Decisions

    Using big data to guide decision-making.

  • Interactions

    Chatbots and customer support.

Real life use cases include predictive maintenance, in which it is possible to predict service intervals and hereby service machinery before potential breakdowns.

By doing this, it is possible to raise reliability and utilization of the machine with a few lines of code.

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Artificial Intelligence Assessment

Artificial Intelligence Assessment

In order to identify and solve real problems for organizations, we have developed the artificial intelligence assessment which helps you understand the ways AI can add value in your area of business.

The artificial intelligence assessment starts with a 2-day workshop. On the first day, we closely examine your domain and business need, and on the second day, we work with IT to understand and assess your available data.

After the workshop, you will receive a written report on the state of your data and the opportunities to gain value from AI within your organization.

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Our astronauts

are young, agile, and ambitious. They believe in an honest, hands-on approach to solving real problems by combining good engineering practices with applied science.

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Maria Jensen

ML Engineer

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Johnny Le

Business Engineer

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