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An AI camp will help your company build up sufficient knowledge about data, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) in order to successfully launch a pilot project utilizing machine learning with the right data that will impact your business.

The acquired knowledge will ensure that you gather the right data, at the right frequency and quality to solve your challenges. You will be able to find concrete cases in which machine learning gives your business a competitive advantage.

AI Camp

Knowledge Sharing

The Knowledge Sharing will give you an understanding of what machine learning is, and where it can be used to improve your business, or even create new business models. Knowledge Sharing is important for a successful pilot project, as it is the foundation for creating a common language, and gives you the ability to verify the success of a machine learning model.

Besides getting an understanding machine learning you will be introduced to the Right Data concept, where you additionally will get more familiar with correlations, causality, and when a dataset is “big” enough for machine learning projects.

The last step in the Knowledge Sharing is that you receive our ML Dictionary. The dictionary is your reference book during machine learning projects for technical terms that can be difficult to remember.

Data Journey

After the Knowledge Sharing, you will experience that you have multiple Pilot Projects to choose from. The Data Journey will help you identify the pilot project with the highest value for your organization. We will discuss how a good pilot project is selected and how to get started. During the Data Journey you will work more hands on with the Right Data concept and what machine learning can do within your company. The Data Journey also helps identify the kind of data that is needed for the pilot project you select, and together we will create a plan for how to collect and manage the data.


Readiness Assessment

On the basis of pre-existing data and the chosen pilot project, you will receive a report containing insight into whether the data already available is sufficient for a machine learning project. The Readiness Assessment report will contain descriptive statistics of the data, as well as some initial analyses to verify the data quality. If the data is insufficient we will provide a data collection strategy as well as guidance in choosing relevant data sources such as sensors.

Our experience is that our customers gain new insight into their business from the Readiness Assessment and in this way start improving their business.


We recommend that an AI Camp span 30 days.

This ensures that you get value quickly, make impactful insight, and action within your company. We will do it together and we will be your journey partner towards an optimized business.


Throughout the AI Camp we will together build shared knowledge, get you started on your data journey, evaluate a pilot project in your organization, and lastly determined if you are ready to get started with machine learning in your business.

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