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An AI camp will help your company build up sufficient knowledge about data, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) in order to successfully launch a pilot project utilizing machine learning with the right data that will impact your business.

The AI Camp is your first destination on the AI Journey. It is a tailored 30-day commitment, in which you will require sufficient knowledge to guide an AI project in your company, and you will end the 30-days with:

  • Knowledge about AI/ML
  • Knowledge about how to make ResponsibleAI, that is both unbiased, ethical and in compliance with EU regulations AI Act
  • Knowledge about how to identify sustainable AI projects, that can both reduce your CO2-emissions but also overall costs
  • A tool in which you can ensure you collect data efficiently and green - by only collecting the right data
  • A Proof of Technology on weather AI can solve a specific challenge in your company
  • Access to an interactive report, that defines the project, preprocessing steps, models created, risk assessment, bias assessment and Model Cards.
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Step 1: Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing is important for a successful pilot project, as it is the foundation for creating a common language, and gives you the ability to verify the success of an artificial intelligence model.

The Knowledge Sharing will give you an understanding of:

  • What Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) is.
  • Where AI can be used to improve your business.
  • How you can create new business models.
  • The Right Data framework
  • Responsible AI
  • AI Act compliance
  • Explainable AI

Tools and Aids

In the last step in the Knowledge Sharing you will receive our ML Dictionary. The dictionary is your reference book during ML projects for technical terms that can be difficult to remember.

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Step 2: Data Journey

After the Knowledge Sharing, you will experience that you have multiple Pilot Projects to choose from. The Data Journey will help you identify the pilot project with the highest value for your organization.

During the Data Journey you will work more hands on with the Right Data framework and what machine learning can do within your company. The Data Journey also helps identify the kind of data that is needed for the pilot project you select.

We are by your side every step of the way

We will discuss how a good pilot project is selected and how to get started. Additionally, together we will create a virtual team, who will explore the chosen pilot project and together identify the right data for the next step


Step 3: Readiness Assessment

On the basis of pre-existing data and the chosen pilot project, you will be granted access to an interactive report containing insight into whether the data already available is sufficient for a machine learning project. The Readiness Assessment report will contain information about the business case, all preprocessing steps, ethical / bias considerations, machine learning model created, and our model cards.

We tackle any challenges together

If the data is insufficient we will provide a data collection strategy as well as guidance in choosing relevant data sources such as sensors.


We recommend that an AI Camp span 30 days.

This ensures that you get value quickly, make impactful insight, and action within your company. We will do it together and we will be your journey partner towards an optimized business.

Timeline over AI Camp

Throughout the AI Camp we will together build shared knowledge, get you started on your data journey, evaluate a pilot project in your organization, and lastly determined if you are ready to get started with machine learning in your business.

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Our Clients Say...


The AI Camp gave us insight into what Machine Learning is, and how it can create value. During the process we gained the knowlegde required to begin a machine learning project in our company


Jens Rishøj Skov

Kredsløb A/S


We had high expectations for the AI camp, including learning about machine learning and a common understanding of an optimization task that affects several heat production plants in Copenhagen, in order to get cheap district heating for our customers. The AI camp proved that there is a clear opportunity for optimization and we are confident in the results of the analysis. Neurospace has been quite committed, and has been good at asking about correlations, in order to get an understanding of the problem. CTR is ready to continue working with the pilot project, as our goals with the AI Camp have been fully met.


Michal Brahm Thomsen



The AI Camp concept fits perfectly into our innovation agenda, where we need new technology and people to work together. In the process, we have become wiser about optimizations in production and gained an understanding of how machine learning can solve these in collaboration with our employees. The AI Camp process solves this perfectly. We are extremely satisfied and achieved all our goals with the AI Camp.


Martin Jørgensen

Danish Crown A/S


We are a mixed department of both IT experts and laypeople. Despite the varying levels of expertise on the subject, all participants have gained a better understanding of what AI and ML are, how to ensure collecting the right data, and where it makes sense to use these technologies. Additionally, both Maria and Bo from Neurospace are extremely professional and pleasant instructors.


Martin Lauritzen

Green Energy Scandinavia A/S


We have been introduced to the new world of machine learning by Neurospace. Their AI Camp provides a good basic understanding of machine learning and data. At Nordic Sugar Nakskov, we have gained an understanding of why it is important to examine correlations systematically instead of limiting the usage of sensors and measurements based on gut feelings.


Anders Juul-Jørgensen

Nordic Sugar A/S