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Possibilities at Neurospace

There are multiple ways to start your career together with Neurospace! We like to work with talents from all backgrounds who believe that Machine Learning will change the world.

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Do you want to work in a startup where things go fast but we look after each other? Then Neurospace might be the place for you!

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Are you studying on an education where you need to get into an internship and you really want to be an Datanaut?

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Student Project

We do projects together with students as an active part of our business. We love to learn together and be involved with you!

If you are interested in an internship or a student project send us an application at astronaut@neurospace.io

Perks & Benefits

  • Startup culture
    We are a startup and you will have a great impact on how we do things and why we do them, in everything from tech to how our culture should be.

  • Work-life-balance
    It is not just something we just say, we believe that you should have the possibility of having time for your life outside of work. Free time is you time!

  • Work Remote
    Have something you need to be home for? Or want to do an extended stay in Paris over the weekend? You can do that as much as you please.

  • Go to conferences and speak
    You will get the opportunity to go to conferences and share your knowledge - do not worry if you have not done it before we will coach you!

  • Social gatherings and trips
    We want to know each other thats why we hang out with our colleagues, drink a beverage, quiz, and play board games! We go on company trips too!

  • Be a part of changing the world
    Machine learning will change the world. Will want to make an impact in the industries we work in and we want you to be part of that!

Job postings

Unfortunately, we don't currently have any job openings.

Feel free to send us an unsolicited application.