Strategy Towards Data

With the introduction to big data and later industry 4.0, an increased focus has arisen on the usage of data in the industry. Even though industry 4.0 still rises confusion to what exactly it is and what it is not, one thing we can agree on is that it involves data.

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Big Data - Right Data

In this blog post we will go through the different approaches to big data, define what big data is, and how to use it to create value. There are many opinions on how to handle and use big data, the reality is that many do not have a clear idea of the amount of data that are being generated in their companies.

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Introduction to Industrial Machine Vision

In this blog post you will learn what machine vision is and how a model can be trained to detect objects in images. Machine vision or computer vision is the field of making machines see and detect objects within images and videos with a certain confidence level.

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Using Talos for Feature Hyperparameter Optimization?

When designing the architecture for an artificial neural network, there exist a variety of parameters that can be tuned. It is indeed an art in itself to find the right combination for these parameters to achieve the highest accuracy and lowest loss. In this blog post, we are testing the usage of Talos for hyperparameter optimization of a neural network.

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